8 ways to reuse coffee grounds in your home

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So what can you do with used coffee grounds? You’ve probably noticed some of the many articles popping up online explaining the many genius ways to reuse your old coffee grounds but in this article we’re focusing on the 8 simple ways to reuse coffee grounds in your home.

Did you know that in the UK we drink 95 million cups of coffee every single day? We’re sending around 500,000 tonnes of used coffee grounds to landfill each year and with whole bean, ground, and pod coffee becoming increasingly popular to drink at home this number is likely to continue to rise each year.

If you don’t use fresh coffee but want to try some of these for yourself then most coffee shops have plenty bags of used coffee grounds that they’ll let you take for free.

1. Get rid of nasty odours

Because coffee grounds contain nitrogen they’re great at getting rid of bad smells. You can place your used grounds in a tub or bowl and put them in your fridge to eliminate food odours.

Get rid of nasty odours

A tip I’ve read but haven’t tried is to put used coffee grounds into old socks or tights, tie them and use them to mask smells in places like your bathroom, your car, your shoes. 

2. Make a hand soap

Struggling to get rid of the smell of garlic from your hands after making dinner? Use your used coffee grounds to scrub your hands. The abrasiveness and odour-eliminating nitrogen will remove dead skin cells from your hands and get rid of any lingering smells.

Make a hand soap

3. Clean your surfaces
Coffee can help with removing build-up from difficult surfaces too. Try it on your kitchen sides, your hob, and your oven if you’re not a fan of using harsh chemicals. Be careful not to use it on untreated wood or any other porous materials as it can stain.

4. Scrub your pots and pans
If you’ve burned dinner or if you’re struggling to clean utensils coffee can make light work of it thanks to its coarse texture. Just place some onto your scourer and give it a scrub, then rinse thoroughly.

5. Remove scratches from wooden furniture
With wooden furniture and reclaimed wood being all the rage at the minute you’ll no doubt know just how easily it can be scratched.

Remove scratches from wooden furniture

Try using coffee to remove any scratches or scuffs from you wooden furniture. Start off by mixing your used coffee grounds with water until you get a thick paste. Then use a cotton bud to run the paste into the scratch and leave it to sit for 5 minutes before wiping it off with a cloth or rag. Now dab your coffee paste into the scratch using another cotton bud until the colour matches, leaving it a few hours between applications.

6. Treat your plants
Because coffee is packed full of nutrients it’s works great as a fertiliser for your indoor and outdoor plants. Sprinkle coffee grounds around your soil and your plants will thrive.

7. Clean out your fireplace
Scatter coffee grounds over the ashes in your fireplace or wood-burning stove to stop smoke dust going everywhere when you try to remove it.

Clean out your fireplace

8. Natural flea treatment for dogs (and cats if you can wash them)
Coffee grounds are a good natural flea remedy for your dog or cat because fleas tend not to like the taste of coffee.

Shampoo your dog as normal, rinse it off and rub the coffee grounds into their fur. Rinse it out and dry them as normal.

Natural flea treatment for dogs

Please don’t let your dog (or cat) eat coffee grounds as they can be harmful to pets.

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Do you have another tip for using coffee or if you’ve tried these out let us know in the comments below.

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Written by Mr Kaplan

Written by Mr Kaplan

Here to provide you with the best cleaning tips and cleaning hacks, Mr Kaplan is part of the admin team at Nuneaton and Bedworth's premier home and office cleaning service.